Page 259: Mood. Are you in a good mood or in a bad mood today? A setting like a fireside creates a mood of joy or happiness, a warm mood. What moods are created y the following settings?

  • A Dark castle: Mood of fear A Sunny beach: Mood of fun
  • High mountains peaks: Mood of calm and peacefully
  • A tempest at sea: Mood of fear and danger

2. Where is Harlem located?

In Manhattan, New York City, in USA

3. How where American affected by the Great Depression?

Americans faces severe economic problems, many people who still had jobs worked fewer hours for less pay

4. What happened to those who still had jobs?

Who still had jobs worked fewer hours for less pay.

5. Which population inhabited Harlem?

In Harlem inhabited primarily by African Americans.

6. Page 260: Which VERB is repeated 4 times?

The verb that is repeat 4 times is Remember

7. In stanza 1, which adjective is repeated 3 times?

The adjective that’s repeat is Old

8. In stanza 2: What are 2 problems denounced in this stanza?

  • When the man at the corner store says sugar’s gone up another two cents, and bread one.
  • They remember the job that they never had, and they can’t have now

9. What is the cause, according to the poem? Is it the only cause?

Well, the problem of the poem is that the Africans Americans can’t get a job because they were colored.

10. Read The Death of the ball turret gunner, page287: Give 3 visual elements of the poem, elements you can visualize:

  • From my mother’s sleep I fell into the State In this element he expressed when he has to be in the ball turret gunner, he thought that his mother was sleeping while he was in the air.
  • And I hunched in its belly till my wet fur froze He remember when he was in the belly of his mother, and I think that he felt scare and fear of the safety of his mother after his dead.
  • Six miles from the earth, loosed form its dream of life When He was in the air he thought and knows that was the last thing that he do in his life.

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